Pink Story

A unique storytelling experience.


We tackled the question: "How can we encourage greater reach, target a new group and take the event to a higher level?". In a time-span of 6-weeks. We made this for Think Pink Europe, a non-profit organization that raises awareness and want to tackle breast cancer.


As a result, we created this storytelling web experience. The experience is displayed in an interactive web-environment using the Three.js framework (JavaScript).


HTML, CSS, Three.js, Javascript


Daniƫlle Terras,
Thijs Bremeesch,
Stijn Michiels,
Frederik Cypers


Think Pink Europe



laptop met site van pinkstory
laptop met site van pinkstory


The first phase of this six-week assignment was research. Everything started with a competition analysis. Primary and secondary research showed that not every target group is equally represented on the 'Race for the Cure'. We have determined our target group based on this data. These are young millennials (gen. Y) and are currently 20 to 30 years old.