Opera Ballet Vlaanderen

A unique experience to tell your own story


The OBV indicates that they want to break open their buildings (figuratively). They want to become more accessible for more people and especially for special target groups. To be able to receive stories and tell them to a super diverse society.


As a result, the user is assigned a character. The character is from one of the current OBV performances. The user first sees a small introduction text about the character in the 3D environment. The user can then view his result better by seeing how much percent he or she is made up of the different characters. On the next screen the user can see "the family": all the different characters that are in the test. Finally, the user can still enter his email to sign up for a free ticket draw for his show.


React.js, Three.js, Javascript, Node.js


Janna De Valk,
Thijs Bremeesch,
Anton Kindt,
Frederik Cypers


Opera Ballet Vlaanderen



laptop met site van obv
laptop met site van obv


To gain even more insight and to reinforce existing insights, we had to do some more research. We then held a brainstorm to find out all the possible reasons why people should not go to the opera or ballet.
After this brainstorming session, we saw a few points more often in combination with the insights gained. With this and all other insights from the research, the interviews, the briefing and the tour we started to come up with concepts.

Behind the fact that the concept was established, we have studied three performances of the upcoming season in order to realize the concept and have chosen characters from it. Since we only had synopsises to study, we linked the characters to Jung archetypes to present them more strongly.

Then we started testing how we were going to tackle this, and finally decided to create a 3D environment to create a good experience.